Travelling with Oryx is the most immersive wildlife experience you can have. Merely game spotting – and snapping on the camera – is not what we’re about. Yes, we love to see the wildlife close up (safely and without disturbing it), but we also want to understand the bigger and more important picture of conservation.


Through our special partnerships with Tusk Trust and Wildlife Conservation Society, we get you highly privileged access to the very top people and places. We’ll get you behind the scenes of the cutting edge science and to areas otherwise out of bounds.

Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park is one of the best places in the world to experience great wildlife and incredible conservation in action. Tusk has been supporting Painted Dog Conservation for more than 16 years. In that time a proverbial one-man band (Peter Blinston) has grown into a multifaceted conservation organisation that employs more than 40 local people in and around Hwange.


Poaching is arguably the biggest single threat to not only the painted dogs but also all wildlife in the region. Peter Blinston, Executive Director at Painted Dog Conservation says it is ultimately about saving painted dogs (African wild dogs) one at a time, one day at a time. The intervention by PDC to help one dog has resulted in the birth of more than 40 pups and the formation of four functional packs in the Park (The ‘Nyamandhlovu Pack’, the ‘Broken Rifle Pack’ and the ‘Sammalish Pack’), which is about one-third of the estimated population of wild dogs there.

Seven PDC scouts patrol an average of 25 km2 a day, achieving 25 patrols a month and collecting in excess of 3,000 snares a year. Join them on a patrol to see the skill required.


We could visit Iganyana Children’s Bush Camp, where 11 year olds at the local Primary Schools are taught concepts such as extinction and the interdependence of species. They would appreciate a visit by you. It’s a hearts and minds programme that endeavours to develop an affection and appreciation for wildlife in the local children who will grow up to be its custodians. Today, more than 8,000 children have attended the camp’s four-day programme. The aim now is to mentor some of these children and guide them to take up professional careers in wildlife conservation or related fields.

Hwange National Park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe. Located on the border with Botswana, its 1.4 million hectares are home to a rich variety of different habitats, vegetation and wildlife. It is known for its herds of buffalo and elephant and a huge diversity of over 100 mammal species, including leopard, lion, southern giraffe and hippo. There are now white rhino in the park,that have been recently re-introduced.


We’ll spend time (depending on your time) at Davisons Camp (Wilderness Safaris), which lies deep in the Hwange National Park, in the south-eastern Linkwasha Concession – one of the most prolific wildlife areas in Hwange, and certainly the most comfortable.

Unless you wanted to take a visit to the Victoria Falls, we suggest we go to another Tusk funded field programme in Africa.


Do call us now and we can talk through a plan that suits you, depending on your time, conservation interests and parts of Africa that you might not have already visited.


Remember, Oryx gives 10% of any sales to Tusk Trust, so travelling with us leaves a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

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